Galentines For Life

As February, the traditional Month of Love, comes to a close, we think it fitting to write about the importance of female friendships in our lives. Our gal pals are a source of strength, support, and, when we need it most, empowerment. Whether it's bonding over issues with our kids, having someone listen while we vent about our significant others, or simply enjoying a hike or coffee date together, the close relationships we share with other women have had a profound impact on our lives.

By far, one of the benefits of our business we value most is the sense of community and the friendships we've developed with our customers during our years owning The Store. We love connecting with you, sharing similar experiences and challenges. Whether we're helping find the perfect outfit for a wedding, first day at a new job, or a blind date, our hope is that you feel a sense of belonging and connection, especially during stressful times in your lives.  We know we've certainly felt support from you.

We value the ability to confide in and seek advice from our trusted friends, customers, and coworkers. Having close friends to talk with has helped us work through difficult feelings and come to a place of understanding and acceptance, both of ourselves and others. Whether it's discussing career goals, relationship issues, or just venting, having friends to share our experiences with is incredibly healing.

Another reason we find female friendships so powerful is that they often involve a deep level of vulnerability. There definitely have been tears shed at The Store...on both sides of the jewelry case. We feel incredibly grateful to have been able to create a space and community where women feel safe to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with each other.  We've formed bonds that are lasting. Come to us for style advice and you just may get some life advice thrown in at no extra charge. Or maybe we'll ask your advice. Our hope is that each of us can be our true self, our best self. 

And lastly, probably the best part of the friendships we've formed is that they're just so much fun. Whether we're grabbing lunch, playing pickle ball, indulging in a spa day, or ripping open new shipment boxes so you get "first look", spending time with our friends helps keep us grounded, joyful and, most of all, laughing. 

Female friendships are a vital component of our lives and our business. Our hope is that we've provided a sense of community, a place where you feel free to be yourselves and most importantly, to laugh. 


Much love to all of you, our friends,

Evan and Ronnie



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