The Best Jeans for Your Body Type

Blue jeans.  They're that one item that never seems to go out of fashion.  However, as the popularity of blue jeans endures, the style choices seem to be endless. It can be confusing to know which cut looks best on your body type.  We thought this month it might be helpful to give a little guidance. We've chosen five common body types and six trending cuts of denim. We'll explain which cuts are most flattering for each body type. We do want to remind you that, as always, YOU are your own best stylist.  So by all means, if you feel good in it, wear it.  This blog is meant to be a helpful guide, not a list of unbreakable rules. 

Let's start with body types:

Apple-thicker in the waist than the hips and legs

Pear-smaller upper body, wider hips and legs

Hourglass-small waist, equal proportions top and bottom

Inverted triangle-broad shoulders, slim hips and legs

Straight-relatively equal shoulders, waist, and hips

Our first pair of denim is a slim cut, and we mean slim, not skinny. It tends to be universally flattering on all body types. So if you're looking for a go-to jeans, this style is for you. The Etica Marlowe slim boyfriend is perfect. Not too tight, but figure flattering.  

Next is the trendy barrel leg jeans. When we first saw this style at market nearly two years ago, we were resistant.  But denim lines have refined the shape a bit so they're not quite as exaggerated and we, along with many of our clients, have embraced the fashion-forward shape.  This shape looks suprisingly flattering on both pear-shaped bodies and hourglass figures. Our Frame version in off-white is perfect for spring and summer.  

Bootcut jeans are one of the most enduring cuts we carry.  Other styles seem to come and go, but a great fitting pair of bootcut jeans can be worn in heavy rotation forever. And bootcut denim is ultra flattering on every body type. One of the things we like about bootcut styles, is that they look great worn casually with tennis shoes, flat sandals, or ballet flats or can be dressed up with high heeled boots, classic pumps, or a strappy sandal. Our MOTHER denim Hustler jean is perfect for almost any occasion. 

Flare jeans are having their moment in the spotlight...again.  A great pair of flare jeans looks best on pear, hourglass, or straight shapes. Our in-stock Isola Flare by Citizens of Humanity ffeatures a mid rise and close fit through the body. The leg lengthening flare shape is designed with sophistication and polish in mind. 

Similar to slim cut jeans, a straight cut is one that endures and is flattering on lots of body shapes Given the narrower cut in the hips, these jeans look great on apple, inverted triangle, and rectangle or straight shaped bodies. The MOUSSY Panaca straight jean in light black wash is a great everyday jean that keeps you looking pulled together. We love the light gray for springtime with a crisp blouse under a blazer or a plain white tee and tennis shoes on the weekend. 

The last style we will discuss is another relatively new shape in denim, the wide leg. Often smaller frames feel like they'll be swallowed up in a wide leg jean. But the key is to be sure the jeans are proper proportion.  We've seen lots of cropped wide legs that fit our smaller clients as a full length jean perfectly. This style is truly one that flatters anyone. Getting the hem length right is key.  Invest in hemming a pair that drags on the floor or give them a raw-hem look yourself with a sharp pair of scissors (actually, Ronnie is our resident expert at this). L'Agence Weston high-rise wide leg trouser is both elevated and comfy casual. We see it worn by our tall gals with white sneakers and a tank or by those less height-gifted with a pair of platforms or some wedge sandals and a silky blouse. 

So, that's our unofficial denim style and fit guide.  And again, we want you to feel comfortable experimenting with your own personal style.  Regardless of information gleaned from social media influencers, fashion publications, or online bloggers (like us), these suggestions are just that, not strict rules to follow. You do you, girl. Some of the most fashionable gals we know buck all fashion rules and trends.  They know what they like and feel comfortable wearing.  There is no one more stylish than a person who walks with confidence in the look they have pulled together. 

Until next time, 


Evan and Ronnie

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