New Year's Style Resolutions

Wow, it’s hard to believe another holiday season has wrapped up and we’ve moved into a new year already.  While we’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions, the beginning of a new year does give us a chance to take stock in how we live our lives and make some subtle improvements that allow for a more organized, stress-free life.  Where do you start?  As a style blog, we think there’s no better place to start organizing than your closet. We’ve created a list of tips to help you get started without feeling overwhelmed.


  • Do you love it?  Do you wear it? Does it make you feel good when you put it on? If the answer to these questions is no, then it’s time to part with it.  You can decide whether to donate or consign, but it really should not be taking up valuable real estate in your closet. Generally, we like to take everything out of the closet to start with a clean slate, but if that task is too daunting, start the process by category; pants, then blouses, next sweaters, jackets and shoes. The fewer items we have, the easier it will be to keep our closet organized, so try to be brutally honest with yourself in this part of the process. Getting ready in the morning is much easier when all of the clothes in your closet are ones that you actually love to wear.


  • Are you a repeat offender?  Is your closet filled with multiples of the same or VERY similar items? Do you own 5 blue blazers? Seven pairs of black skinny jeans?  It’s time to pare down!  Keep only the best fitting, most worn options, regardless of price.  Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the item you may have overpaid for but still can’t seem to fit into your outfit selection.  If you tend to love and wear over and over, say, the blazer from Zara, but the designer version you bought while on vacation in Milan stays hanging in your closet because it’s a little snug or never seems just right, well, you know what to do.  Let it go! And consider this, if you consign those ill-fitting pieces, you’ll be paying it forward. Someone will get a barely worn piece at a great price.


  • We will make SOME exceptions. If you have something (one or two items, maximum) in your closet that either brings back fond memories or emotions that make the thought of parting with it painful, keep it.  Maybe it’s the hand-knit sweater from Grandma or a designer handbag you purchased when you got your first real job. For one of us, it’s a pair of True Religion jeans that we wore postpartum after finally getting our prepregnancy body back.


  • Hire a professional. If you’re serious about making changes, it’s the way to go.  Yes, you can ask a friend to help, but it’s been our experience that friends are too kind when it comes to making the tough decisions.  Among your friends,  who is willing to tactfully tell you that the blouse with the button missing at the cuff and tiny olive oil stain on the front that ALMOST no one would notice, has seen better days?  And we get it, having someone come into your home and critique your clothing choices can feel, well, intrusive. One of the worries is that you’ll be told to ditch everything and start from scratch.  That’s just simply not true.  Women with the best personal style are those who have carefully curated their closets over time.  We’d never tell you to part with quality, well-fitting clothing.  


  • We do have a few valuable suggestions for AFTER you’ve paired down your closet. For us, there are a few key wardrobe pieces that we believe are a must for every woman.


    1. A Blazer - tailored, refined, versatile. Wear it with a silk blouse at the office or on Zoom calls, wear it over jeans and a graphic tee pretty much anywhere else.  
    2. Basic white tee - keep it fresh, no stains or loose strings.  And when it’s no longer crisp white, give it a bleaching to see if you can restore it to its original luster, if not, replace it.  
    3. Dark wash, straight-legged jeans - great with absolutely everything, from sneakers to clogs to booties to sparkly heels. Even try them tucked into knee-length boots. You simply can’t go wrong. 
    4. Gold shoes - add a little glam style to any outfit.  Flats or heels, a statement shoe like this really elevates your outfit. Wear them with skirts and dresses or jeans. 
    5. Sneakers - high tops, low tops, leather, canvas, animal print, bright colors or classic white, you can’t go wrong with new kicks.  Super fashionable worn with skirts and dresses, giving a very on-trend vibe and giving your feet a break from sky-high heels. 

So there you have it.  Be kind to yourselves this New Year.  Ease into projects instead of tackling everything at once.  And when in doubt, hire a professional.  We’re happy to help.  


Ronnie and Evan

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