Mothers Day

Hello friends, 

Welcome to the May edition of our monthly blog.  For most families, it’s a very busy month with spring sports winding down, prom season, college graduations looming, and firming up summer plans.  Yet, likely the most important day of the month is coming up this Sunday, May 8th, Mother’s Day. It’s a day that means something different to everyone.  For some, it’s a chance to feel a little recognition for a lifetime of love and hard work, for others, it may be considered a “vacation day,” where the day is theirs to do whatever they’d like, even if it’s spending some rare time alone.  And still others use the day as a time to reflect on the sometimes complicated maternal relationships in their lives.  Since we know so many of you through the clothing business at The Store, we thought our readers might enjoy learning what Mother’s Day means to us and how we’re each planning to spend the day.


I first have to say that I feel so very fortunate that I’m able to celebrate the day with both my two  daughters and my own mom.  For me, Mother’s Day is a great excuse to step away from our family’s hectic schedule and spend some quality time together. We’re starting the day off this year with my favorite meal, a wonderful brunch at home.  I have to give kudos to my husband Dave for always making my day super special by filling the house with flowers. It’s a tradition I’ve come to love and appreciate.  Next, Dave and I will take the girls on one of my favorite Marin hikes. We start at Deer Park and do a loop to Yolanda trail, to Shaver and back the fire road to Deer Park.  It’s the perfect length.  Just long enough for a nice family workout with not too much complaining. With any luck, the fam will be up for a little friendly competition playing pickleball, my new sport obsession, at McInnis Park. We always finish the day with a backyard barbeque at our house, complete with Butcher Box meats and fresh bounty from the Marin Farmer’s Market. I think as moms, it’s rare that we are able to spend the day doing exactly as we please. I consider myself lucky that I’m able to share the day, minor complaining aside, doing what I love most, being active and outdoors, with the people I love most; my mother, my husband, and my two girls. 


For me, Mother’s Day is partly a time to reflect.  My own mom passed away 31 years ago, and while I miss her physical presence, I know she has always been with me, guiding me. The lessons she taught and the continued strength I feel from her has helped me in motherhood and in life. While my son Colton is grown and living in Southern California, we were fortunate to celebrate an early Mother’s Day last month, I was treated to a yummy dinner at Kiyo in Orange County. I’ll start this Mother’s Day like I prefer to start every day, with a leisurely stroll with my guy, John Anthony, our two dogs, and the stunning views along Bridgeway Avenue in Sausalito. I have two requisite stops; the pasty bar at Angelino Restaurant, where on the weekends you can find delicious pastries by Cibo Bakery and a second coffee stop at Equator Coffees. One guilty indulgence that I missed during motherhood and even now while busy running our business, is a midafternoon siesta.  I’ll be sure to enjoy the warm sun and a nice snooze on the deck before packing up to head over Mount Tam for a sunset stroll on Stinson Beach and a casual dinner al fresco (if the fog stays away) at the Parkside Cafe. That’s pretty much a perfect Sunday in my book. I think what sets this Sunday apart from any other is that I take time to remember with gratitude my mother and my own experiences as a mother. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed the little peek into our lives away from the Store. And to all the moms out there, may you spend the day doing exactly what you’d like.  It’s your day.  You’ve earned it. 


Evan and Ronnie

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