Let's Catch Up

Wow! It's almost impossible to believe that we're entering the third month of the new year.  It's been a while since we've posted to our blog, so we wanted to let you know what's been going on at the Store and show you some of what's to come too. 

With the busy holidays behind us, we both usually enter the new year with a warm feeling of gratitude for our families, friends, and our loving, loyal store community. It's such a treat to see the young adults who are home for college.  These are often the very same kids who used to sit on the floor outside the dressing room and read from our collection of children's books or fidget impatiently in the chair at the front window waiting for Mom as she did a quick dash to the dressing room. 

We also attend the first L.A. Market of the year.  As we're always choosing styles a couple of seasons ahead, January is time for buying for fall '24 and often even the beginning of holiday '24. 

We're also proud, for the second year, to be part of a program called Prom Pop-Up that collects new or gently worn formalwear, jewelry, and accessories for both men and women to be worn at Prom '24 by Tam High School students.  It's a meaningful way to upcycle your clothing and helps lots of students feel great about themselves while defraying some of the costs of prom. There is a labeled basket at the Store where we'll be accepting donations through March.

And February 4th marked the 15-year anniversary of the Store opening. Honestly,  sometimes it feels like forever ago and others, it feels like yesterday.  We wanted to celebrate a little non-traditionally. In partnership with Luminly, we hosted a silent movement, breath, and sound (through headphones) workshop.  Originally scheduled for Old Mill Park, an atmospheric river created a need for a more dry venue.  Our friend and client, Cece Bechelli generously agreed to lend us her dance studio, Happy Feet, for the event.  We had a great crowd who braved the storm.  We meditated, relaxed, and shared stories and refreshments. We couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate the milestone.  Thank you all, those who attended, those who sent well wishes, and all who make up our incredible community. 

The Store also goes through big changes in February.  The racks look decidedly lighter, both in color and weight of fabric. While our winter weather patterns have yet to move on, spring has fully arrived inside the boutique. As we like to say, "our looks are on trend, but not necessarily trendy." We are receiving new spring shipment of dresses, shorts, sandals, hats and bags nearly daily.  To keep you up-to-date we'll give a quick look at some of our newest offerings and let you know how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe. 

Spring florals are featured prominently in the store right now.  Whether you're looking for dresses or a beautiful blouse, you can't miss by adding something floral to your current wardrobe.  From small, ultra sweet florals to larger, more statement flower prints, we have gorgeous new pieces that add an instant freshness to your outfit.

Cargo styles are everywhere!  We have both skirts and pants with the oversized side pockets.  These military-inspired styles look great when paired with something decidedly feminine on top, like the aforementioned floral blouse,  a crisp tank top with some layered necklaces and a bright colored bag, or a delicate knit sweater

New denim styles that we're really excited about are the trouser jean and cuffed denim. Oh, and for those of you who've been waiting, the low-rise is back! An on-trend way to wear the trouser jean is with an oversized blouse, bottom buttons undone, so that the detailing at the top of your jeans is exposed.  Loose, casual, cool. An exaggerated bottom cuff is fun to wear (and not just for tall girls) with heels and a silky top or more casually with sneakers and a fun tee.

Spring always feels like a new beginning, while we're three months into the new year, it feels like we've just begun.  Rain is behind us (mostly), the days are noticeably longer, poppies are in full bloom, and our store looks, well, fresh.  If you haven't visited lately, come say hi.  And if you live out of our area, visit the website.  We're doing our best to add new product to the site daily. 

It was great catching up. 


Ronnie and Evan








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