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Happy July, friends.  Summer is here and definitely in full swing.  The funny thing is, while most people are thinking about white jeans, cutoffs, and light, airy summer dresses, we’re already in buying mode for late fall and, gulp, the holidays. This month, we took our first trip together to the LA market in over a year!  Oh, how we’ve missed seeing our longtime brand reps in person. It was such a treat to hug the people we’ve grown to love and trust over the years. So we thought it might be fun to fill you in on some of what goes on during our buying trips and how we choose the styles you see in The Store. 

It’s always bustling at the LA market, especially this trip since most retailers have been buying merchandise strictly online via Zoom calls since the pandemic. So after spending the night in Beverly Hills, we were up early, grabbed our Blue Bottle Coffee, and we were off. 

We realized just how much we’ve missed choosing clothes in person, being able to touch the fabric, judge the cuts, and see the colors for ourselves in person. And it’s always exciting for us, even after so much time in the business, to see what’s new for the coming seasons. We saw lots of texture for fall like suede, cable knits, and cozy wool cardigans in warm pinks, oranges, and reds. 

So, how do we choose the pieces we offer in our store? As our website bio says, “we’re on-trend, without being trendy.”  We like to keep our selection current and fashionable, but we don’t necessarily choose to carry every trend available for a particular season. We honestly do try and keep you, our valued customers and friends, in mind. We know our “girls.” You are a sophisticated, stylish lot.  You like an up-to-date elevated look, even in casual wear, that is never overdone. 


Over the course of the day, we often have appointments with five or six vendors and may see a few more if time permits,  each showing their latest collections. We stuck to a tight schedule this trip to allow time to check out your favorite brands like Le Superbe, Krisa, Sanctuary, Autumn Cashmere, and our favorite denim lines.  We discuss the pieces within each line, deciding whether they have a place in our store and your closet. We saw a beautiful dress line handmade in Los Angeles, Misa, described as “fluid silhouettes, brought to life through airy fabrics, confident prints and unique detailing.” Beautiful. We can’t wait to carry Misa in The Store. 

After close to six hours carefully curating our late fall and holiday ‘21 selections, we were again hustling, this time into an Uber and to the airport to catch our late afternoon flight back to the Bay Area. We arrived home exhausted, but excited about our selections and the chance to help you look and feel your best in the coming seasons.


Ronnie and Evan


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