Back to Basics: Timeless Pieces You Need for Fall

As the kids start back at school and the days are noticeably just a little bit shorter,  we all begin to feel the unmistakable first signs of fall.  While here in California the weather can still be quite warm, fall is the perfect time to go "back to basics" and invest in a few timeless fashion pieces that not only elevate your style, but also offer endless versatility. In this month's blog, we’ll talk about some essential items for the season, all available at The Store.

1. A Classic Wool Coat
  First on our list is the timeless wool coat. A staple for both men and women, the classic wool coat is a trademark "quiet luxury" item that looks sophisticated while providing necessary warmth and coverage. Whether you're pairing it with casual jeans or a sleek office outfit, the wool coat is an easy way to look put-together. We have several options in various colors and styles, so hurry in for the best pick of sizes and selection. 


2.  Great Fitting Jeans
  Let's talk denim! Well-fitting jeans have stood the test of time and are an absolute must-have this fall. Whether you choose high-rise or a mid-rise (and yes, we're seeing the low-rise make a comeback), there is a cut and style to flatter every figure.  We tend to consider ourselves fit experts as we've been sizing women in jeans for more than 20 years now. So if you're unsure of the styles that look best on you, we're here to help. And great denim can be styled in lots of ways—cuffed, ripped, or classically sleek. Let us work with you to find the perfect fit and wash for you.


3.  The Cashmere Sweater
  There’s nothing quite like the soft, luxurious feel of a cashmere sweater on a brisk fall day. This piece is not just an investment in style, but also in comfort. To ensure that your cashmere remains in pristine condition, always follow proper care guidelines, such as hand-washing and air-drying (hint: cashmere does NOT necessarily need to be dry-cleaned). We have cashmere sweaters in so many beautiful colors, from warm rusts, cream, or green, to bright neon pink.


4.  Ankle Boots
 Ah, the classic ankle boot—practical yet ever so stylish. These boots pair perfectly with anything from skirts and dresses to jeans and trousers. At The Store, we have ankle boots in a variety of styles and materials, making it easier than ever to find a pair that suits your personal style aesthetic.


5.  The White Blouse
  The classic white blouse is an unsung hero in the world of fashion. Its transformative power takes you from summer to fall effortlessly. Dress it up, dress it down, layer it under a chunky cardigan for those cooler evenings, or unbuttoned over a tank top and cutoff shorts for those last few warm days of the season.  We like the current trend of wearing blouses a little more oversized or boyfriend fit, and the white blouse is no exception. 


6.  Layering Essentials: Tees and Tanks
  Never underestimate the power of a good layering basic. High-quality tees and tanks serve as the foundation of any successful autumn ensemble. We recommend opting for natural fabrics like cotton for ultimate comfort. Black or white are obvious choices, but it's fun to opt for a pop of color too. 


7.  The Little Black Dress
  The idea that the Little Black Dress is only for formal occasions is an outdated one.  In fact, the right LBD can be the ideal canvas for your fall wardrobe. Just add a cardigan, a pretty bag, and ankle boots, and you've got yourself an outfit that's both stylish and autumn-ready. Come explore our current selection of LBDs, each with their own unique flair.


  Investing in timeless basics is the key to a versatile, stylish wardrobe, especially during the ever-changing autumn season. We invite you to check out The Store, either in-person or through our online platform, to explore these fall essentials. After all, the best fashion is that which stands the test of time and above all, makes you look and feel your best.

We hope to see you soon. xo,

Evan and Ronnie


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